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Hide What You are Selling From SecureNet and Bypass Suspended High Risk Account


Are you tired of getting banned or restricted by SecureNet? This is your perfect solution!!!

If you are running a high risk business like dropshipping, SMM, SARM or any other form of high risk business you may face a big problem finding a high risk payment processor to accept your business model.

Our WooCommerce plugin will give you the ability to create your own high risk payment gateway that is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It offers a wide range of features that allow online businesses to sell products and services securely and efficiently. One of the most important features of our WooCommerce plugin is the ability to hide what you are selling from SecureNet using payment redirect and cloaking.

So, what does this mean? Basically, it means that when a customer makes a purchase on your website using SecureNet as their payment method without SecureNet knowing what you are originally selling, the transaction is redirected to a dummy shop that you own. This dummy shop is set up to look like a legitimate eCommerce store, but in reality, it is just a secure front shop to protect your high risk business. This means that SecureNet does not know what you are selling, and your customer’s sensitive information is kept secure.

How to Fix SecureNet Suspended Account and Bypass High Risk Restriction

By using our plugin:

  1. SecureNet will never know what you are originally selling because you are using a low risk front shop.
  2. The plugin use native WooCommerce so you can use SecureNet with other payment methods.
  3. Customers place the order on your original High Risk business website then get seamlessly redirected to your front shop to make the payment through SecureNet.

The payment redirect and cloaking feature is especially useful for businesses that sell products or services that are considered high-risk or controversial. For example, businesses that sell or offer a high risk product or service may face more scrutiny from payment processors like SecureNet. With our WooCommerce plugin, these businesses can sell their products without fear of being flagged by payment processors.

Another benefit of our WooCommerce plugin is that it allows businesses to maintain their privacy. By hiding what they are selling, businesses can protect their reputation and avoid negative attention from customers or competitors. This is particularly important for businesses that operate in sensitive industries or that have a niche customer base.