WooCommerce Payment Redirect Plugin to Another WooCommerce Site with Custom API


⚠️Disclaimer: This plugin is intended to provide custom REST API communication between two WooCommerce websites allowing the same websites owner to redirect their customers from one website to make the payment on another WooCommerce website seamlessly through a custom hosted checkout setup. HighRiskShop.COM and its owners shall not be liable for any abuse or illegal use of the offered software/plugin.



Accepting payments for a high risk business can be very hard nowadays. With this Rest API plugin you can easily redirect your customers to checkout on another WooCommerce site you own without affecting user experience.

Payment providers can ruin your business or ban your account for AUP or other silly reasons. Just because of false and ridiculous accusations they will ban your account because they are not convinced of your goods or services.

This plugin will technically solve this problem as you may own two WooCommerce websites one approved with payment gateways and another website selling completely legal stuff but it is a (High Risk Business).

The plugin will simply redirect your customers to make the payments of goods/services of the High Risk Business through any approved payment gateway installed on another WooCommerce.

Main Features

  1. Redirect your customers from your high risk business WooCommerce website to make the payments through another WooCommerce website you own using any installed payment method on the second site .
  2. Automatically calculates the total and redirect user to the other WooCommerce to make the payment through any payment gateway installed there.
  3. Customers will be able to pay you through a payment gateway installed on another site you own.
  4. API will connect your both WooCommerce websites. You can map products between sites. If you refund or change payment status it will automatically change on both sites.
  5. Customer fill their data only once maintaining user experience.
  6. Redirected payments data stored on both WooCommerce websites.
  7. When the payment is completed on the other site it will be marked paid on both sites using REST API communication.
  8. Supports multiple websites at the same time redirecting orders and payments from multiple high risk websites you own to your same low risk website.
  9. Supports multicurrency.
  10. Supports multilanguage.
  11. Supports Coupons.
  12. Supports multi-product variations.
  13. Supports custom product name change on checkout.
  14. Custom hosted checkout page.
  15. Lifetime technical support.
  16. Very easy setup.


In this page you will find the frequently asked questions regarding the WooCommerce payment redirect plugin. You can also learn more about our instant approval Visa/Mastercard payment gateway with instant payouts in USDT.

What is the main purpose of this plugin?

The plugin is designed to enable you to have your own self hosted checkout solution. Allowing you to use your websites already approved by payment processors as a payment gateway for your other websites.

Is the plugin compatible with all payment processors?

Yes, the WooCommerce payment redirect plugin is designed to be compatible with any payment processor.

Does the plugin pass product data from website A to website B?

Only the order amount and customer billing details are passed between the two websites.

Is there any order limit? Can this cause problems with more than hundred orders per day?

No, our plugin supports unlimited orders. Number of orders is not the problem. You should apply delayed payment capture + 3Ds secure for all payments. This way you get rid of 99% of chargebacks.

Will the user be redirected directly to website B “low risk” cart page?

User will get seamlessly redirected during checkout. User only got to enter his/her details once when making the payment. You can check the demo.

Can the redirect confuse the user or increase the bounce rate?

No, the plugin is 100% safe and maintains user experience. The plugin creates Seamless E-Commerce Checkout Experience redirecting your clients to your other low risk WooCommerce site to make the payment. Our team can help you set everything up. We have a 15 year payment processing experience.

How to buy the plugin using credit card?

Credit card payments available on request, you can contact us on Telegram.

Is the plugin compatible with other currency switcher plugins?

Yes, the payment redirect plugin is compatible with currency switcher and multilanguage plugins. Please contact us on Telegram for more information and technical support.

What high-risk businesses accepted with this plugin?

This plugin is just a software that will allow you to create your own hosted checkout solution. If you want a payment processor you can also learn more about our instant approval Visa/Mastercard payment gateway with instant payouts in USDT.

Can this plugin be used with multiple websites?

Yes, this plugin can redirect payments from multiple high risk websites to one low risk website simultaneously. You may need to contact our support team to guide you doing this free of charge.

Does this plugin support variable products?

Yes, variable products are supported by default.

Do I have to create new products on low risk site B for mapping with each product on A?

No, by default the plugin will add a random product to cart after redirect. The plugin automatically re-calculates and display the correct order total after redirect.

If you want to chat with our support team please contact us on Telegram for free.

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