Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you will find the frequently asked questions regarding the WooCommerce payment redirect plugin. You can also learn more about our instant approval Visa/Mastercard payment gateway with instant payouts in USDT and USDC.

Is the plugin compatible with all payment processors?

Yes, the WooCommerce payment redirect plugin is compatible with any payment processor.

Is the payment redirect 100% stealth?

Yes, the WooCommerce payment redirect plugin uses a sophisticated backend code that will completely hide what you are originally selling from payment processors. The payment redirect occurs seamlessly and without passing any unusual data. Your customers will complete the actual payment under their own free will on your low risk site using the native WooCommerce plugin developed by the payment processor.

Can the payment processor detect what I'm originally selling?

No, payment processors will never know what you are originally selling. By using this sophisticated WooCommerce plugin you will be completely stealth. The payment is redirected and completed by your customer without passing any unnecessary data to the low risk site. Our team will offer you free advice after purchasing the plugin.

Is there any order limit? Can this cause problems with more than hundred orders per day?

No, our plugin supports unlimited orders. Number of orders is not the problem. You should apply delayed payment capture + 3Ds secure for all payments. This way you get rid of 99% of chargebacks. Our plugin mainly is incognito so the processor will think all the orders are low risk service related orders even if you are selling high risk physical goods. As long as your chargeback rate is very low you will stay stealth.

Will the user be redirected directly to website B "low risk" cart page?

User will get seamlessly redirected during checkout. User only got to enter his/her details once when making the payment. You can check the demo.

Can the redirect confuse the user or increase the bounce rate?

No, the plugin is 100% safe and maintains user experience. The plugin creates Seamless E-Commerce Checkout Experience redirecting your clients to your other low risk WooCommerce site to make the payment. Our team can help you set everything up. We have a 15 year payment processing experience.

How to buy the plugin using credit card?

Credit card payments available on request, you can contact us on Telegram.

Is the plugin compatible with other currency switcher plugins?

Yes, the extended enterprise version of the payment redirect plugin is compatible with currency switcher using GET url parameters. Please contact us on Telegram for more information.

What high-risk businesses accepted with this plugin?

Any business will be accepted and compatible with this plugin.

What business type should I use in my dummy shop to apply with payment processors?

You should make a very low risk service offering site even if you are originally selling physical goods. For example web design is one of the lowest risk business models you can use and there are many other examples.

Can this plugin be used with multiple websites?

Yes, this plugin can redirect payments from multiple high risk websites to one low risk website simultaneously. You need to contact our support team to guide you doing this free of charge. However to add multiple payment methods (redirects) for your same high risk website A and redirect to multiple low risk B it costs $50 per extra website. Contact us on Telegram for more information.

Does this plugin support variable products?

Yes, variable products are supported by default but each product need to be restricted to one per cart (Sold Individually) so that a variable product can only be added once per cart to prevent calculation errors during redirect allowing you to easily map all your Website A products to the same ID from Website B. Standard business version your store will be forced to one item per cart. If you need multiple cart items and full variable mapping then you should purchase the extended Enterprise Version.

WooCommerce individual one item per cart

Do I have to create new products on low risk site B for mapping with each product on A?

No, by default the standard business version of the plugin will limit only one item per cart and with this setting you can easily map all your high risk site A with only one product on low risk site B. However if you need to allow multiple items per cart you will need to map every product on website A including variations with a unique id from website B. There are only two options for this to work correctly:

  1. Force one item per cart. (Standard Business Version)
  2. Make sure there is unique product id mapping for every product on A and B. You can easily duplicate the product on B to get unique IDs then you map it for A. (Extended Enterprise Version).

If you want to chat with our support team please contact us on Telegram for free.

Why the Enterprise Version is more expensive than the Standard Business Version and what is the difference?

Business version supports all features except multiple cart items and currency switching. With this version your store will be forced to one item per cart allowing you to map all your website A products with one product ID on B or as you wish simplifying the installation process. This version doesn’t support currency switcher plugins.

Enterprise version supports full plugin features including product variations (Variable Product) mapping and currency switcher plugins like Fox Currency Switcher. With this plugin version your store customer will be allowed to add multiple items per cart unrestricted but you must map each product on A including each variation with a unique product ID from B. This version fully supports currency switcher plugins which use a URL parameter ( like Fox Currency Switcher.