High Risk Payment Gateway and Merchant Account Solutions

All in one solution to create your own high risk payment gateway on WooCommerce or WHMCS. Easily accept payments for any high risk business. You will be able to accept bank cards like Visa or Mastercard no matter what you are selling (all high risk business models are accepted).

Instant Approval & Instant Payouts

Instant approval and instant payout payment gateway no rolling reserve

Accept credit and debit cards including Visa or Mastercard instant approval. Available for WooCommerce and WHMCS. ZERO chargebacks allowing you to receive instant payouts in USDT or USDC.

Payment Redirect with REST API

WooCommerce payment redirect

Redirect your customer from your WooCommerce website to make the payment through your other WooCommerce website already approved by payment processors.

Redirect your customers from your high risk business site to make the payments on other site you own through any installed payment method .

Automatically calculates the total and redirects the user to the other WooCommerce to make the payment through any payment gateway already installed there.

Seamless redirect, customers will be able to pay you through a payment gateway installed on another site you own smoothly without affecting user experience.

API will connect your both WooCommerce websites. You can map products between sites. If you refund or change payment status it will automatically change on both sites.

Payment Methods

Accepting payments for a high risk business can be very difficult nowadays. With this Rest API plugin you can easily redirect your customers to checkout and make payments on another WooCommerce site you own without affecting user experience.

This plugin will technically solve payment problems as you may own two WooCommerce websites one approved with payment gateways and another website selling completely legal stuff but it is not approved.

The plugin will simply redirect your customers to make the payments of goods/services of the High Risk Business through any approved payment gateway installed on the WooCommerce of the low risk business.