Payment Link and Invoice Generator

Generate a Payment Link Without KYC

The payment link generation is intended for merchants and freelancers who don't have a website and want to get paid instantly in USDT without a bank or a merchant account.

⚠️ Warning: Your wallet should be USDT (Polygon) compatible wallet to receive the payment successfully.

Generate a Payment Link

How it works?

  1. Fill the form.
  2. Copy the generated payment link and send it to your customer to complete the payment securely.
  3. Customer can pay using Credit/debit card (including MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro) – Apple Pay – Google Pay – SEPA or local bank transfer.
  4. A temporary wallet address is assigned to each payment link for enhanced privacy and precise payment detection.
  5. Infrastructure provider will handle your customer's instant ⚡ verification and any chargebacks. All payments are final and you will not receive any chargebacks.
    Instant Verification
  6. Verification of customer is instant ⚡ and it takes only 2 minutes!
  7. After your customer complete the payment though provider, you get USDT instantly to your specified wallet address.
  8. For lost payments you can contact support or you can 📌 track payouts.

Minimum Order Amount

Minimum order amount varies per provider:

Payment Provider Minimum Order Amount $1 $2
Guardarian $3
Transak $5 $5
Alchemy Pay $15 $27
MoonPay $30
Banxa $50
Transfi $70

Track Payments and Payouts

💡 Insert the encrypted reference number or tracking address in the box below to view payments and payouts history on the blockchain.


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