WooCommerce Redirect Cloaking Plugin Documentation


This powerful plugin simply allows you to redirect your customers to another WooCommerce site of your own to make the payment through any of the payment methods installed there (on the other site). So for example if you have a WooCommerce site called "WebsiteA.com" offering goods/services that is considered high risk business you will be able to redirect your customers at the last step of checkout to "WebsiteB.com" which offers goods/services that is considered low risk. By this method you will be able accept payments for any WooCommerce website without having to get approved as you will already use a preapproved WooCommerce website of your own to accept customer payments through checkout redirection.

For the purpose of illustration we will name our two example sites as follow

  1. "websiteA.com" this is our high risk business that we want to sell items to customers and redirect them during checkout to make the payment on another site.
  2. "websiteB.com" this is our low risk business already approved by payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe. We will redirect customers during checkout here to make the payment.


  1. After purchasing this plugin you will get a zip file extract it once to get the plugin zip packages
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
  2. The two folders you get from the extraction contain each plugin zip file for each website you own. The plugin is two parts that you need to install carefully for each of your WooCommerce websites.
  3. "woocommerce-rest-a.zip" will be installed on the High Risk business site in our example WebsiteA.com
  4. "woocommerce-rest-b.zip" will be installed on the low risk business site in our example it is Websiteb.com
  5. Zip files for each site can be installed easily from your wordpress /wp-admin
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
  6. You simply click "Add New" then from the top "Upload Plugin" then choose the zip file from your device
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin

Plugin Configuration

The most tricky part is configuring this plugin correctly. After activating the plugin on both websites you should be able to access "WC Rest Options" tab. It is very important that you don't insert any trailing slash "/" in any of the following steps. All URLs must be inserted WITHOUT a trailing slash.

Website A (High Risk Business)

  1. For Website A high risk configuration "Checkout Redirect URL" is cart URL of website B like this "https://websiteb.com/cart"
  2. For Website A high risk configuration "External Hook URL" is root URL of website B like this "https://websiteb.com"
  3. If your URL contains "WWW" then add it with "WWW" for both.
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
  4. Open each WooCommerce product edit page of Website A and at the bottom insert the product ID of B (check step 4 of website B configuration below). Using the Standard Business Version of the plugin you can use the same product ID of B for all your products simplifying the installation process.
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
  5. If you are using the Standard Business Version you need to check the highlighted box (Sold Individually) for every product page to prevent calculation errors.
    WooCommerce individual one item per cart
  6. Using the Extended Enterprise Version you don't need to check the previous box but you will have to use a unique main product ID from Website B for every single product or variation on Website A. For variable products you leave the main product ID field blank and fill in a unique main ID for every variation.
    Payment Redirect Plugin multiple variation variable products mapping

Website B (Low Risk Business)

  1. For Website B low risk configuration "Checkout Redirect URL" is checkout URL of website B like this "https://websiteb.com/checkout"
  2. For Website B low risk configuration "External Hook URL" is root URL of website A like this "https://websitea.com"
  3. If your URL contains "WWW" then add it with "WWW" for both
    WooCommerce Payment Redirect & Cloaking Plugin
  4. In Website B you need to create or select a product ID to display its name for users. By hovering on the product item, the ID number will be displayed. The price and name of this item doesn't matter at all as the price will be re-calculated based on the total cart of items of website A. The main purpose of this is to control the name displayed when the customer pays on website B. This name will be visible for both the payment gateway such as (PayPal -Stripe) and the customer during the last of step of payment. It is recommended to keep this name as vague as possible like "Development Service" if you are selling an online service or "Shipment Package" if you are selling physical goods. This will protect you and your customer's privacy without breaking the rules.
    Get WooCommerce product ID
  5. Go back to wp-admin of Website A and paste the product ID inside each product to map it with the chosen name (check steps 4 and 6 of Website A configuration). In the Extended Enterprise Version you need a unique ID mapping for every single product or variation. You can easily duplicate the product on B to get unique IDs then you map it for A. ⚠️ Important notice: When creating dummy products on Website B you will only need to set a neutral name and get the main product ID. You don't need to create any variations even if you are getting IDs to map with variations on Website A.
  6. For currency switcher plugins you need to have the same currency list on both Website A & Website B. Rates on B should be all X1 (no calculations) as it is already calculated on A. You must also enable the GET parameter (example.com/?currency=USD)

After doing this checkout will be redirected properly check live demo

Managing Orders

If you want to refund orders or mark your orders as complete you should do this from Website B or the payment gateway dashboard such as (PayPal - Stripe) as the plugin will automatically change related orders status of Website A via the API.

Important Settings & Prerequisites

There are some settings you need to change to get the plugin working correctly.

  1. After WooCommerce update V8.5.1 referral is leaked by default. To avoid this edit your Website A theme file header.php and add this code after your <head> tag:
    <meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer">
  2. Your Cart and Checkout pages should have English URL slug. For example /cart or /checkout
    You are free to have the page content in any language you want but the URL slug need to be in English.
  3. Disable blocks on the Checkout page.
  4. Enable "Wordpress Posts Storage (Legacy) by visiting /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=advanced&section=features
    WordPress posts storage legacy

Mapping and Duplicating Products in Bulk

WP All Import is a powerful plugin that will allow you to modify your WordPress website orders, posts, products and pages in bulk. You can use this plugin to duplicate and map your products in bulk. Here are the steps

  1. Install WP All Import/Export plugin + WooCommerce extensions.
  2. Go to your Website A and export all your products to Excel sheet.
  3. Notice the number of lines in the exported Excel sheet.
  4. Export your Website B products into another Excel sheet.
  5. Duplicate the products in website B exported Excel sheet by copy pasting lines till you reach the required number of lines as the website A file. This requires very basic Excel skills.
  6. Save the file and re-import it to B.
  7. After successful re-import you will have a number of simple products in your website B matching the total number of all products + variations of A.
  8. Export website B products again to another Excel sheet.
  9. Copy IDs of all products of Website B (First Column).
  10. Insert the copied IDs into the "external_product_id" last column in the website A excel sheet obtained from step 2
  11. Re-import the file to Website A and by completing this step you will now have fully mapped products between your websites.

Version Updates

We may release updated versions from time to time. You can check how to get them at the updated versions page.