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MoonPay WHMCS Payment Module Installation Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of purchasing, installing, and activating the MoonPay WHMCS payment module, enabling seamless cryptocurrency payments on your WHMCS based business.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Developer Account on MoonPay

  1. Visit and sign up for a developer account using real company information  you will get instantly approved. Note that using fake information may lead to automatic rejection.
    MoonPay API registeration

Step 2: On-Ramp Setup on MoonPay Dashboard

  1. Log in to your MoonPay dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the On-Ramp Setup widget and select it.
  3. Opt-out of charging extra fees to avoid the KYB (Know Your Business) process.
    MoonPay API On-ramp bypass business verification
  4. From the crypto list, select all including USDT_TRX and DAI.
    MoonPay API on-ramp

Step 3: Developer Setup on MoonPay Dashboard

  1. After completing the initial on-ramp setup, go to the Developers tab.
  2. Whitelist your domain name by adding your website to the allowed list.
    Add your domain name to MoonPay API
  3. In the API Keys tab, obtain your test API keys.
    MoonPay API test keys

Step 4: Install MoonPay WHMCS payment module

  1. Purchase the MoonPay WHMCS payment module.
  2. Upload the files using FTP to /modules/gateways
    MoonPay WHMCS
  3. Go to WHMCS > System Settings > Payment Gateways.
    Activate and install WHMCS payment gateway
  4. Locate MoonPay in the list of available payment gateways.
    WHMCS MoonPay
  5. Insert the test API keys obtained earlier
  6. Select DAI as the cryptocurrency
  7. Enable the test/sandbox environment mode.
  8. Insert a valid DAI ERC20 wallet address.
    MoonPay WHMCS payment module

Step 5: Test Payment Using MoonPay

  1. Place a test payment on your website using UK address and using the provided test credit card information:
    • Visa – 3DS Frictionless: 4485 0403 7153 6584, Expiry: 12/2030, CVV: 123
    • Visa – 3DS Challenge: 4242 4242 4242 4242, Expiry: 12/2030, CVV: 123
  2. After making a successful order test/sandbox payment, confirm the success of the test order.

Step 6: Activate MoonPay Account

  1. Return to the MoonPay dashboard.
  2. In the On-Ramp tab, press the button confirming that you have made a test transaction.
    Activate MoonPay API

Step 7: Switch to Live API Keys

  1. In the MoonPay dashboard – Developer tab, go to the API Keys tab.
  2. Press the toggle to show your live API keys.
    Get MoonPay API key

Step 8: Update WHMCS payment module Settings

  1. Copy your live API keys from the MoonPay dashboard.
  2. Go to WHMCS > System Settings > Payment Gateways > MoonPay.
  3. Paste the live API keys, select USDT as the cryptocurrency, and disable the sandbox mode.
  4. Make sure to insert your real USDT TRC20 wallet address where you will receive instant payouts.
    MoonPay WHMCS payment module

payment module Installed Successfully:

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured the MoonPay WHMCS payment module for payments on your website. Your online store is now equipped to accept secure and efficient crypto based transactions, providing an additional payment option for your customers. Keep an eye on MoonPay updates for any new features or enhancements to further enhance your e-commerce experience.